[Asterisk-Users] Echo, ISDN And FXS

Peer Oliver schmidt posde at theinternet.de
Sun Dec 28 14:40:22 MST 2003

Good day,

I have an installation utilizing * with an AVM C4 (ISDN card). Using 
softphones (SIP and IAX) I have sound problems, like echo.

Question: Does anyone have an FXS card, like the TDM400P, for the 
internal extensions, and uses ISDN to dial out?

Any and all information regarding the sound quality compared to a 
regular ISDN PBX is greatly appreciated.

If the sound quality is on par with the ISDN PBX a rollout of Asterisk 
to more customers would be a feasible idea. Right now, the sound quality 
is just not enough for day-2-day use, when using soft phones.


Best regards

Peer Oliver Schmidt
the internet company

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