[Asterisk-Users] Outgoing call with bad/choppy sound

WipeOut wipe_out at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Dec 28 01:35:05 MST 2003

Ing. Angel Gomez Garcia wrote:

>    Hi all.
>    I have this configuration:
> Telco <-----(E1)----->TE410P//Dual Xeon Server 
> 2.4Ghz<-----(Ethernet)----->Switch<----->GS//BT
>    The Server is running RedHat Linux 8.0 with kernel 2.4.18-14-smp 
> and we are having the following 2 issues:
>    1.- When making calls from the GrandStream to the PSTN the audio is 
> choopy, plus theres is a pulsing sound, but when the GS receives calls 
> it sounds great.

I have the exact same problem with the choppy sound when a call is 
originated from the GS phone to the PSTN (X100P).. Recieving calls if 
fine and calling other extensions is fine.. I have had this issue for a 
while now and have not been able to solve it.. I have tried beta 
firmware on the GS phone and I have kept to the latest asterisk CVS 
version but the problem remains.. Hopefully someone will have a solution..


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