[Asterisk-Users] Cisco 7912 speed dials

Siggi Langauf langausd at swt.uni-stuttgart.de
Sat Dec 27 05:32:21 MST 2003

On Sun, 21 Dec 2003, Ludovic Drolez wrote:

> We have Cisco 7912 phones, and the doc says that I can "create up to four speed
> dial buttons on my phone using the Cisco CallManager".
> Does anyone knows which protocol is used to configure speed dials (Is it
> documented somewhere) ?
> Did someone tried to reverse engineer the protocol ?

Yes, it's the "Skinny Client Control Protocol", aka "Skinny" or "SCCP".
There are 2 Asterisk channel drivers supporting this protocol:
- chan_skinny, which comes with asterisk
  This one is quite stable but supportsy nearly nothing except placing or
  receiving single calls.
- chan_sccp, from http://theo.me.uk/pages.shtml?page=sccp
  This one may crash asterisk if some very odd skinny phone tries to
  register. (The 7912 may qualify as "odd", as it's not officially
  supported right now.)
  However, it does support some nice features (soft keys, multiple calls
  don't crash *, ...)
  Some features like intercom (paging) or speed dials don't seem to be
  completely implemented, yet. But the author seems quite responsive to me
  and the code is easy to read/update.

> It would be cool, not having to pay $15000 just for configuring speed dials on
> those phones ;-D

Sure, but some development work still has to be done, first.


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