[Asterisk-Users] CT1 and callerid / DNIS

Brian West brian at bkw.org
Fri Dec 26 09:10:47 MST 2003

I understand PRI can do that but CT1 was my question.  CT1 != PRI


On Fri, 26 Dec 2003, Stephen J. Wilcox wrote:

> > > Can you set outbound callerid on a channelized T1?
> >
> > >DTMF passed before the call. It is unlikely though that you will find
> > >someone interested in doing that though. It is easier/cheaper to drop a
> > >PRI into somewhere and then outbound caller ID isn't kludgey with DTMF.
> >
> > The service you might be referring to is Dialed Number Identification Service
> > (DNIS) that is put on T1's for inbound 800 and 900 lines.  This is an inband
> > delivery of the last 4-digits of a dialed number (800/900) that is passed into
> > the PBX from the SP for callcenter or other routing.  Does Asterisk support
> > this?
> Perhaps I'm not understanding the question but you can arbitrarily set the
> inbound/outbound DNIS and CLI (inbound=outbound, just a matter of orientation).
> The 4 digit DDI thing is a limit in some protocols (DASS) but I'm assuming we
> are talking about q931 ISDN here? in which case the strings can be quite long..
> Theres a whole bunch of other flags that you typically dont get access to unless
> you're the network operator, its also common practice (here in the UK) for the
> telco to override your CLI on your outbound calls either to withhold it or to
> the main number of the PRI altho it is possible for them to allow you to set it
> from your side, either to a limited set of values (your pstn numbers) or if
> theyre really generous any number.
> Steve
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