[Asterisk-Users] Incoming call on LineJack's LINE/FXO is not answered by *

Tilghman Lesher tilghman at mail.jeffandtilghman.com
Fri Dec 26 08:50:28 MST 2003

On Friday 26 December 2003 08:05, Michael wrote:
> Hello All...
> I have searched in the archive and also followed Zara's instruction
> on getting incoming calls to work with Asterisk...but I still can't
> get Asterisk to answer incoming call on Linejack's LINE port.
> I attached a phone set to the PHONE port, and telco line to the
> LINE port on the Linejack(ISA) card.

The drivers for the Linejack do not support using the card as an FXO
device and an FXS device at the same time.  You must choose one
functionality for the card and use it that way.  Changing the
functionality requires a restart of Asterisk.


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