[Asterisk-Users] Re: Encryption

James H Cloos Jr. cloos at jhcloos.com
Thu Dec 25 13:37:58 MST 2003

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Underwood <steveu at coppice.org> writes:

Steve> SRTP has been through the process of trying to deal with this
Steve> in the most effective manner, but doesn't seem to be widely
Steve> used right now. Free implementations exists - see
Steve> srtp.sourceforge.net. I guess it should be adaptable to IAX.

It should be adaptable, and is a good starting point.

In the short term, anyone who needs encryption between n * boxen, and
controls all of them, should give ipsec a test.  They've also had to
deal with encrypting a non-reliable packet-stream, and have been
working on it for several years now....  (The major dists should all
support it in their kernels; if you compile your own it is not
difficult to add to 2.4 kernels -- 2.6.0 already has it.)


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