[Asterisk-Users] Unlocking Vonage ATA 186

Mahoney, Matt mattm at microfx.biz
Wed Dec 24 13:38:38 MST 2003

I asked Vonage about unlocking it and they refused to. They don't offer
an unlock service for $15.


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In the process of investigating a Cisco ATA 186 that was locked by 
Vonage, I found that you can still unlock the device yourself.  But 
there's a catch.

The device's design has a great plus:  a DIP32 *socketed* SST28SF040A 
flash chip.  I found an 8 digit unlock code at 0x03FA71-0x03FA78.  I do 
not know if that is a standard location.

If you have the equipment, you're in luck.  But IMHO, the $15 fee is 
more than reasonable .. and certainly less than what it would cost to 
get a device to read/write these flash chips.

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