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We are going to deploy GS phones in our free voice network, therefore we
require somekind of web-presence, which will reflect GS support,etc. 
Unfortunately not all of our users are subscribed to Asterisk mailing
Acting as GS distributors, we are making separate forum for this, which
doesn't belong to Asterisk. My postage about new forum was just as
information only about new resource.  And I assume asterisk mailing list
if primarily designed to Asterisk support and not Grandstream phones... 
Also Grandstream phones are being used in different platforms too, not
necessarily only with Asterisk, this is why they are looking for
separate resource. 
In all cases, I will be posting here copy's of interesting
messages/infos from Grandstream, so we all know what's going on.

And I agree with your comment on BETA firmware. I assume people have to
understand what is Beta release and what is stable official release of
software. Of course by using Beta software, which is not approved
officially and launched bugs will appear. 


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I agree with your email but setting up MORE forums and mailing lists is
not productive.  GS phones have problems interacting with the VoIP
services and Asterisk.  The BEST places for the GS folks to get feedback
AND to interact with the people who are using their phones are on these
already existing mailing lists.  I don't know why you insist on creating
even more websites/email lists for VoIP support.   Why not encourage GS
get visible on these lists and interact with their customers here, where
they can get the most concentrated feedback (good and bad).

Also, a comment for the general list.  To me BETA code means that it is
NOT  yet RELEASED as PRODUCTION code.  For anyone to think that Beta
comes without problems is being a bit shortsighted.  If you get beta
that works without problems then that is great, otherwise give the
developer feedback so that he can fix the bugs and don't complain about
the problems it caused you. Otherwise wait on the official production


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