[Asterisk-Users] Grandstream Quality Survey.... :P

tan at yointernet.com tan at yointernet.com
Wed Dec 24 05:52:35 MST 2003

For the price, the Grandstream is unbeatable value for money. 

Get firmware version 1.04.26 and you should be fine. This firmware fixes
issues our customers had with phone lockups, nat problems, one-way
audio, stun problems.

Best Wishes

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I have 2 of these phones and they work fine for my application.  Granted
its not the most intensive use and definatly not the most critical users
but... With all of the companies that are running into cash problems in
the next year I think that the demands for systems that do everything
including make coffee will decrease.  Basic functionality will take the
place of complicated functionality.   Granted GS needs to be more
responsive but if they are going to maintain a low price level we need
to be a bit understanding about the responses.... If GS phones don't
meet your needs then by all means spend more money on some of the other
brands.  For some of us, GS does meet the requirements and we will
continue to use them.


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