[Asterisk-Users] Merry Christmas, all Asterisk users!

Rich Adamson radamson at routers.com
Tue Dec 23 18:30:41 MST 2003

> It's the day before Christmas here in Sweden, actually the night before 
> at this time...
> It's been fun spending the fall with the Asterisk project. I look forward
> to next year, with the new handbook coming in place, with many new 
> applications and features and - hopefully - many new Asterisk installs at 
> customer sites.
> Have a wonderful Christmas, all of you!

And from all of us that have been around this list for a while, we
Thank YOU for taking the time and effort placed towards advancing the 
documentation and participation. You are "the man"!

May the almighty one grant speed to the wiki! :) (Absolutely no offence
intended; from one US swed to another swed!)


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