[Asterisk-Users] Extensions Flash Command

Kevin Asterisk at gtcus.com
Sun Dec 21 17:02:36 MST 2003

I was able to get it to send DTMF by removing the wait command.  Does
anyone know how I would retrieve a call that is parked and transfer with
the Flash command?  Example call comes in and is transferred to Call
Park.  Have the system call an extension, upon entering a verification
code, the call is removed from Call Park and transferred back on the
originating PBX using the Flash and Ssend DTMF commands.  Any
suggestions on how to retrieve a parked call with the extensions logic?

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I am trying to use an application that will flash on a ZAP and transfer
a call on the FXO line.  When I use example "1", the command SendDTMF is
never invoked and the call is disconnected.  When I remove the Flash
comman(as in example '2') the SendDTMF works.  Any suggestions as to
what if anything I'm missing here?


Example '1'

exten => 2701,1,Playback,transfer
exten => 2701,2,Flash
exten => 2701,3,Wait(1)
exten => 2701,4,SendDTMF(12125551212#)
exten => 2701,5,Hangup

Example '2'

exten => 2701,1,Playback,transfer
;exten => 2701,2,Flash
exten => 2701,2,Wait(1)
exten => 2701,3,SendDTMF(12125551212#)
exten => 2701,4,Hangup

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