[Asterisk-Users] modem to modem calls through asterisk

Don Pobanz dpobanz at hastingsutilities.com
Sun Dec 21 16:19:54 MST 2003

Replacing my zhone channel bank with an Adtran 750 has fixed my modem - 
modem connect speed problems.

I don't know whether this is something unique to zhone channel banks, 
my particular zhone channel bank or my  installation/configuration. 
Regardless, it is good to have identified the problem.

Don Pobanz

On Tuesday, November 25, 2003 5:52 PM, Don Pobanz 
[SMTP:dpobanz at hastingsutilities.com] wrote:
> Modem connect speeds on calls through * seem to be lower than calls
> made through the telephone company lines or our old Rolm PBX. All 
> calls have 2 wire analog modems on both ends.
> For my set up I have channels of a Zhone channel bank tied to 2
> modems.
> The Zhone channel bank interfaces my * server with a T400P card.
> modem  --- Zhone Channel bank - * via T400P card - Zhone channel bank
> -
> modem
> In extensions.conf I have added the 'd'ata option.
> exten => 333,1, Dial(Zap/19,,d)
> In zapata.conf echo cancel has been turned off and I have 
> with different size jitterbuffers, none of which seem to help.
> I couldn't find anything else in the archives. Other suggestions?
> Don Pobanz

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