[Asterisk-Users] First version of the ActiveX version of DIAX (0.1.0) available for download

Peer Oliver schmidt posde at theinternet.de
Sun Dec 21 15:13:11 MST 2003

> A first basic version of DIAX as an ActiveX can be downloaded from:
> http://www.laser.com/dante/diax/activediax.zip
> P.S. Unfortunatelly it works only on IBM PC compatible computers (not Mac's
> or Pocket PCs)

is there a technical reason for not supplying a version running under 
the other OSs, or do you plan on releasing one for Pocket PC as well? 
There are a lot of small Pocket PC available with WLAN and/or Bluetooth, 
which would be ideal as a (D)IAX phone.


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