[Asterisk-Users] hangup and billing /*New subject */

Olle E. Johansson oej at edvina.net
Sun Dec 21 02:02:40 MST 2003

John Todd wrote:
> At 6:32 PM -0600 12/20/03, Brian West wrote:

>> On a side note.. you can't use exten => h, if you have any hope of 
>> getting
>> accurate billing info.  Its wise to call ResetCDR(w) in your exten => h,
>> or not use it at all.
 > Care to expound a bit on that topic for the wiki, with some details as
 > to why?
I found out that if you use the 'h' extension, the last application in the cdr is
the 'hangup'. Not very useful. I don't know if this is what Brian is referring to,
so I'm also curios. Brian, pliiiizzzzz?


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