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It depends how good phone do you need. Grandstream phones are cheapest
on market.  Sometimes, when you are dealing with something cheap you
might think that it's garbage and this is why it's cheap. In case of
Grandstream IP Phones, I would say they are normal, they have all basic
functionalities which are required for small * implementation. However,
if you need excellent great phone, you definitely need to go for Cisco
IP Phone, which will cost you much more. 

Many people are using Grandstream IP Phones, so we can say they are more
or less normal phones. If you don't play with firmware of IP Phone and
won't experiment 

with early pre-releases of software, I think you will be out of

To give you small overview, Grandstream has two basic versions of IP
Phones: 1 port Ethernet BT101 model and Dual port Ethernet BT102.

If you are limited with number of Ethernet ports on your hub/switch then
you need to with BT102 model, because it has 2 Ethernet ports, one for
LAN and one for PC, so it is acting as a small 1 port hub. It supports
NAT, so you can call behind NAT, all you need is correctly make
configuration of your Asterisk. Phones have different colors: black,
white and blue.  

Because of phone look with "glass" dialpad buttons, some people on
mailing list calls those Barbirtones ;-)  


 So when you will make your choice, think that you are buying car, you
can buy some Ford to drive everyday as a horse or you can buy luxury
Mercedes, also to drive everyday but in different way ;-) 

If you like to purchase phones, we can help you, we are official
Grandstream distributors. 

Discounted pricing is $65 for BT101 model and $75 for BT102 +s/h.  We
have currently products in stock in New York warehouse. BT101 model we
have black and blue colors, BT102 white and black.

If you need any phone, send your inquiry to voipsales at xvoip.com . We
accept Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard), Wire transfer, company/personal
check (should be clear before product will be shipped), Money orders and
paypal. Credit Card and Paypal shipping/billing address should match for
security reason.





New York, NY



Don't forget to visit our Asterisk Online Forums:
http://asterisk.xvoip.com <http://asterisk.xvoip.com/>  We are waiting
for you.











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Hi People,


Can anyone help-me here with a simple question.

I wanna buy a Sip Phone, but what is the best and cheap one ?


I see alot of messages about, grandstream , snow etc etc.


So for use with my * system, what sip phone is the best ??


Can him be used behind a nat system etc ?

Or with a Broadband connection etc ?


Thanks alot for help!!




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