[Asterisk-Users] nat router + sip phone adaptor (+adsl modem)

Bob Knight bk at minusw.com
Fri Dec 19 11:24:15 MST 2003

Dawid Mielnik wrote:

>Hi all,
>I was wondering whether any of you have experience/info on Cable and/or ADSL
>modems that would come together with a SIP phone adaptor. What I am
>interested in is something that would plug directly into you ISP's cable (be
>it ethernet or adsl/phoneline), would combine a modem/router/nat such that
>on the other you could simply plug in your RJ-45 cable for your PC and a
>RJ-11 cable for the telephone. Something that would combine the
>functionality of a (adsl modem+) router and a SIP telephone adaptor in one
>I would appreciate any info that you might have on this.
Take a peek at Intertex IX66+PF


look for anyone coming out with a TI AR7 based solution.
It's like a $25 single chip solution.  I would expect to see boxes in the
$100 - $200 price range soon.

If you find anything else, please let me know.
I am starting to play in mid to large cat 3 environments and doing the 
BLEC thing
bolted up to *.  Very sweeeet set up.

Bob Knight
[-w] the work option
bk at minusw.com

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