[Asterisk-Users] SIP / X-ten Softphone

Andrew Thompson asteriskuser at aktzero.com
Thu Dec 18 21:16:01 MST 2003

As with any debugging, you should try steps seperately...

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Subject: [Asterisk-Users] SIP / X-ten Softphone

> [1005]
> type=friend
> secret=1005
> host=dynamic
> mailbox=1005
> context=default

Add user=1005 to this sip.conf definition.

> X-Lite Softphone
> Network->Out Bound SIP Proxy: (IP of *)
> SIP Proxy->Default->Enabled: Yes
> SIP Proxy->Default->UserName: 1005
> SIP Proxy->Default->Password: 1005
> SIP Proxy->Default->Domain/Realm: (IP of *)
> SIP Proxy->Default->SIP Proxy: (IP of *)
> SIP Proxy->Default->Send Internal IP: Always

Take a look at some screenshots of X-Lite configs. I remember there being a
line or two that wanted to have :5060 after the IP.

As a side note, I gave up on X-Lite. I found it difficult to navigate the
configuration menus, and there was a background hum that isn't there if I
use sjphone, diax, or iaxcomm/iaxclient.

Andrew Thompson http://aktzero.com/

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