[Asterisk-Users] SIP Inuse Count Wrong

Michael T Farnworth mtf at maximasystems.com
Thu Dec 18 15:28:05 MST 2003

I am currently using a copy of Asterisk checked out as the code of 10 days 
ago from Asterisk and the:

sip show inuse

reports that I have 3 incoming connections to one of the Grandstream 
phones, even though that isn't the case.

I believe I have tracked the problem down to the following error message, 
which also (conveniently) showed up 3 times:

    -- Got SIP response 481 "" back from

Incidentally I am using the code from 10 days ago because as explained 
earlier today the CAPI support with the current Asterisk is unable to 
do a native bridge between two CAPI calls (instead it just drops both 

Incidentally am I sending this report to the right mailing list, or is 
there a better one?


Michael T Farnworth
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