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> Michiel Betel  <asterisk-users at lists.digium.com> said:
> >I agree with Cees, however, not wanting to throw away the 3 way
> >conference feature, but giving the user a config choice might be best.
> >Therefore I'm now testing a patch which will allow/disallow the 3 way
> >conference. When disallowed it will fallback to "normal old fashioned"
> >PBX behaviour namely FLASH puts caller on hold, FLASH again gets caller
> >back.
> >
> Good. Choice is Good ;-)
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Shouldn't this be an feature of the parking app?

Something like:

parkext =>700
parkhold =>701

700, Normal Park
701, Personal Park/EasyRetreive

I transfer to 701.
* says: "Next Available hold is 1"
I dial 1.
* parks caller and hangs up on me.
I hang up.

<time passes>

I dial 701.
* says: "Next Available hold is 2" (or * knows this isn't a transfer, and
reads off the list of holds in use, possibly including callerid)
I dial 1.
* puts the call back together, or hangs up and rings that line back to me.

Criticism and further discussion appreciated. No flames please, this is just
an idea.

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