[Asterisk-Users] Trunk Groups and Multiple Asterisk Machines

John Todd jtodd at loligo.com
Thu Dec 18 07:56:54 MST 2003

At 7:44 PM -0500 12/17/03, Sean Cheesman wrote:
>Hello all,
>I have no problems setting up trunk groups in general, but is there a way to
>set up a trunk group for outbound calls that includes channels on multiple
>servers?  I might have missed something somewhere, but I couldn't find any
>reading about this topic.  Thanks!

You should be able to do this with TDMoE (TDM over Ethernet) which is 
a little-used feature of the Zap drivers.  There are two ways of 
doing this: individual trunk groups in a cascading failover 
situation, which is a well-known configuration with TDMoE (see below 
for howto) and then perhaps a more interesting way that creates one 
huge trunk group spanning multiple hosts, which is not documented in 
the howto but I can't think of why it wouldn't work.

I have not actually tried this, but in theory it should work as long 
as your servers are all on the same ethernet.

See Wasim's mini How-to on http://www.convergence.com.pk/TDMoE-HOWTO 
and then think about it for a while and modify it so that the group 
spans multiple hosts.  Let us know how it goes; I think this might 
actually be a pretty interesting experiment if it functions as 


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