[Asterisk-Users] Re: transfer with threeway calling

Philipp von Klitzing klitzing at pool.informatik.rwth-aachen.de
Thu Dec 18 05:06:01 MST 2003


> > But the issue is not: 'how does the alternative feature work', the issue
> > is 'why is the original feature absent'. I haven't heard anyone giving
> > any reason whatsoever why * does not allow a user to retrieve an on-hold
> > call with old-fashioned flashing (or pressing #). I think that is what
> > the debate should focus on, not on whether the customer is right...
> If you wanna old habits, go for a old stlye pbx, pay more, and forget
> 'bout other features... or pay $$$$$ for them.

Here I don't think that's the best approach - I basically agree with the 
original posting: It doesn't make much sense to try to disable the FLASH 
key on any hardware phone (Grandstream or others) only because if the 
standard user hits that key he'll get himself into trouble where there is 
no way out... or is there a way to teach the GS Flash key to do anything 

Cheers, Philipp

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