[Asterisk-Users] CAPI Calls Don't Bridge

Michael T Farnworth mtf at maximasystems.com
Thu Dec 18 04:34:05 MST 2003

I had a working configuration whereby an incoming call on an ISDN line 
would be sent out on the second ISDN line, but since I updated to the 
latest version of Asterisk I get this error message:

WARNING[311315]: File res_parking.c, Line 226 (ast_bridge_call): Bridge 
failed on channels CAPI[contr1/s]/0 and CAPI[contr1/01624619052]/1

The message comes up as soon as the outgoing call is answered and the call
is lost.  I have switched to sending the outgoing call using an IAX 
connection and that does not have the problem.

I am also getting this error message (just before the other one), which I
don't recall seeing previously:

WARNING[311315]: File channel.c, Line 1296 (do_senddigit): Unable to 
handle DTMF tone 'f' for 'CAPI[contr1/s]/0'


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