[Asterisk-Users] modprobe -r ztd-eth locks up machine...

john jharragi at mw.k12.ny.us
Wed Dec 17 09:36:27 MST 2003


I have just begun working with TDMoE running between 2 fiber nics the
dynamic span works great. In my main asterisk box's startup file I just
'modprobe tor2', then start asterisk. The zaptel, ztdynamic & ztd-eth
modules all load by themselves when tor2 is loaded. If I stop asterisk then
'modprobe -r tor2' the  tor2 module is removed but the other three remain.
If I then 'modprobe -r ztd-eth' it causes a complete lock up on the machine.
The remote machine does not have any zap hardware in it yet and doesn't have
these difficulties.

I know I can just restart the machine but it is in a production environment
(soon to increase from a few to ~30 simultaneous calls) and it is nice to be
able to make changes and
cvs update installs without restarting.

Has anyone experienced this or am I just missing a step or going in the
wrong order?


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