[Asterisk-Users] AT&T access code entry by Asterisk

Walker Haddock whaddock at datacrest.com
Tue Dec 16 22:04:18 MST 2003

On Tue, Dec 16, 2003 at 07:04:47PM -0600, Brian West wrote:
> Its an upppercase W
> bkw

OK, still no joy!  Here's the way I tried it:

exten => _91NXXXXXXXXX,1,Dial(ZAP/g1/${EXTEN}WWW5555555,70)

asterisk*CLI> show version
Asterisk CVS-12/11/03-17:07:52 built by root at asterisk on a i686 running Linux

Thanks, must be something I'm doing wrong!

> On Tue, 16 Dec 2003, Walker Haddock wrote:
> > I have a dialplan that requires that we use * to send the long distance access code to AT&T.  I have found in the list that the `w` command can be used to inject a pause, I have tried the following:
> >
> > exten => _91NXXXXXXXXX,1,Dial(ZAP/g1/${EXTEN}www5555555,70)
> >
> > There `5555555` is the ld access code.  I tried various quantities of `w`s but I never got * to dial the ld access code.  Allof the cases I saw the `w` token discussed was at the beginning of the dialed digits.  I tried putting a `w` at before the ${EXTEN} and it did appear to wait a little before dialing the digits.  Maybe it doesn't work inside the dial string?
> >
> > I also tried the recommendation to use the Flash, SendDTMF, Wait, SendDTMF, but that didn't work at all.
> >
> > I need to implement this functionality in the dialplan.  Does anyone have any suggestions?
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