[Asterisk-Users] broken pipe - * does not respond

Paulo H. Mannheimer paulohm at instant.com.br
Tue Dec 16 16:40:24 MST 2003

Hi, I´m having a serious problem at one customer. After 6 hours answering a PRI 
line, * stops responding in a very similar situation as described here ...


I took a look at "/proc/first * PID/fd" and there are hundreds of file 

If I try to connect using asterisk -r I get the "broken pipe"  error.

I tried to find anything related at bugs.digium.com but couldn´t find any 
mention to this specific situation. My CVS version is quite old, but I would 
rather update it by a specific patch than to replace it entirely by a new one. 

Any hint would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,


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