[Asterisk-Users] Requesting advice from experienced * users/developers

Steve Dolloff sdolloff at noc.dls.net
Tue Dec 16 10:51:15 MST 2003


I have a couple of questions and figured I would put them all in one
message to not spam the list as much as possible.  I have searched
voip-info, google and the list archives for all of these questions.  If
I have missed the correct response, please accept my apologies.

I have been stuck on these for a long time and I am really hoping that
the other users out there will be able to help me out.

1)  VM attendant sounds scratchy?

I am using the G711ulaw codec via SIP.  The messages themselves sound
fine, recorded in WAV49 format (chosen for least hd space).  This is
especially true when reading the numbers from a mailbox or the number of
messages.  I would guess that it's due to the attendant messages being
recorded in gsm, but I have recorded a few messages using the Record App
and they sound fine too.  Is this something to do with the VM app?

2)  Privacy manager/Zapateller not working correctly.

I have posted the details of this problem in a previous post, but
basically, they don't seem to recognize anonymous callers vs callers
with no caller-id.

3)  Call-waiting caller-id doesn't work. (but either by themselves do) 

I am not using zapta interfaces, but I have enabled the appropriate
setting in that conf file in case it has some relevance.  I didn't see a
similar option in the sip.conf file.  I have tested with both the ATA186
and the SPA-2000.

4)  I am looking for a provider of caller-id name database services on a
U.S. national basis for incoming calls using an AGI script.

Willing and able to post all relevant config files.  Thanks for any help
you can provide.


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