[Asterisk-Users] E400 or TE410 (digium) vs PRI 30M (Eicon)

Daniel ANDRE dandre at iris-tech.fr
Tue Dec 16 02:19:03 MST 2003

Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk a écrit:

>>I have used a test server with a passive card unde I4L and encountered
>>echo pb whe dialing out to pstn side from any IP Phone I have tested. So
>>I am considering to get some BRI HW with echo cancellation circuit. I
>>have found only card from Eicon. If my pbx extend to more than 15 lines,
>>I will use PRI Card so my question.
>FWIK, running I4L may well result  in echo problems. Get some supported 
>hardware :)
I will use Eicon BRI Cards as they have Echo cancel on board.

>>>Something you will also need to consider, what software will you be
>>>using? Digium cards work with asterisk, and I doubt that the Eicon E1
>>>cards do yet unless they use the capi driver.
>>The Eicon driver for PRI seems to be CAPI Compliant if I have understood
>>there doc.
>The Eicon PRI card is quite possibly a more expensive, and not neccecarily a 
>better solution IMHO.
Yes the Eicom PRI Card is very expensive and that was the reason of my 
question. I am searching a No echo solution and if the E400 meats this 
criteria I will undoubtly order this card when I will have to switch to 
PRI Card.


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