[Asterisk-Users] transfer with threeway calling

Don Pobanz dpobanz at hastingsutilities.com
Mon Dec 15 16:39:33 MST 2003

On Monday, December 15, 2003 9:51 AM, Steven Critchfield 
[SMTP:critch at basesys.com] wrote:
> On Mon, 2003-12-15 at 07:18, Michiel Betel wrote:
> > What if the internal party is busy and answers with voicemail
> > how then do I get my original call back to me? Pressing flash will
> > conf in the voicemail prompts of the internal party. Hanging up
> > will
> > transfer the party to the voicemail...
> >
> Your not missing anything essential, and have described a limitation
> in
> analog signaling. What you need to think about is alternatives.

Another angle would be to have voicemail initiate the disconnect. That 
was one of the features of my previous employer's octel voicemail 
system. By entering  * * * voicemail would hang-up and you could 
continue without the voicemail. To my knowledge, asterisk voicemail 
does not yet support a 'backout' feature.

Don Pobanz

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