[Asterisk-Users] snom 200 version 2.03b with changed music on hold

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Mon Dec 15 10:52:19 MST 2003


i just tryied the 2.03b firmware.

Now i have that message when the phone boots:

Challenge User: <6466212364662

pressing ok the display shows>>  PW: iputmypassword

When i put my password i get a loop returning for Challenge User:
<6466212364662 again

64662 is my FWD number

Now the phone don´t register with fwd anymore.

And more...

I have two snom phones.. one 100(firmware 1.16x) and one 200( with this new

When i call the snom 100 from the snom200 and put the call on hold i have
moh from asterisk in the snom100, vice versa don´t works...no moh at all.

i hope that helps.



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Subject: [Asterisk-Users] snom 200 version 2.03b with changed music on hold

Hi folks,

in order to establish backward compatibility we made an image that
automatically detects if the other side does not support RFC3264. Please try
it out, we would be very interested if this image is a progress!


Thanks, CS

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