[Asterisk-Users] voip-info.org DNS seems broken

Linus Surguy linus at magrathea-telecom.co.uk
Sun Dec 14 04:27:47 MST 2003

> > For the last few days I can not resolve voip-info.org from many DNS
> > servers. It does resolve with some DNS servers but I suspect it may be
> > related more to caching.
> >
> I've alerted James of the problems. I haven't seen them myself, so its
> for me to track.
> The wiki has become a too valuable resource for this community to
> continue to have these kind of problems. I assure you that James have
> a lot of time trying to solve the DNS and performance problems. Any help
> tracking the problems down is appreciated!

If it helps, I'm willing for our company to offer secondary DNS.


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