[Asterisk-Users] Wrong voicemail after transfer?

Brian Capouch brianc at palaver.net
Sat Dec 13 12:01:25 MST 2003

I'm using a modified "default config" file for extensions.conf, the one 
that uses macro-stdexten to handle the stations.

We use a TDM30 card for our stations.

When a call that has been rung in using that macro transfers the call 
things work just fine as far as the "other" instrument ringing.

But once the ring timeout has expired, the call then drops into the 
*original station's* voicemail.  E.g. Tammy picks up the call and 
hookflashes, then dials Jim's extension.  Jim's phone rings for 20 
seconds.  But if he's not at his desk, the call then goes to *Tammy's* 

I've gone through the WIKI and mail archives looking for the solution, 
but it's sort of hard to conjure the correct search string, I have found.

Hopefully I've paid my newbie dues thereby, and someone more clueful 
might be willing to help. . .

Thanks.  I have CLI traces if that would be necessary for someone to see.


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