[Asterisk-Users] FAX, IAX and *....Maybe I'm dreaming...:-)

Dan dtoma at fx.ro
Sat Dec 13 09:36:05 MST 2003


>From: "Steven Critchfield" <critch at basesys.com>
> While I haven't tested it much, my first use of app_rxfax and app_txfax
> worked fine. The glue is little more than procmail and sample.call
> combined with working mail servers.
> I have faith that Steve's work will continue to make the functionality
> better and it will work more often with the variety of fax machines out
> there.

I have done tests with several fax machines. txfax works great will all of
including software, but rxfax works for me with just a single old Samsung
fax machine.
Anyway, it is a great application and the integration with asterisk is good
enough for
receiving faxes, but to send them is a little bit cumbersome....

Steve, if you read this, keep up the good work and thanks.

Best regards,

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