[Asterisk-Users] FAX, IAX and *....Maybe I'm dreaming...:-)

Dan dtoma at fx.ro
Fri Dec 12 14:10:43 MST 2003


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From: "Tilghman Lesher" <tilghman at mail.jeffandtilghman.com>

> On Friday 12 December 2003 07:25, Dan wrote:
> You're not going to get that working because GSM is a lossy codec.
> It is able to get extreme savings in size, because it optimizes out
> parts of the sound that most humans don't hear.  However, that same
> bandwidth that humans don't hear is exactly the bandwidth that the fax
> application uses to transmit valuable portions of the image.
I know this..

> Therefore, the GSM codec is never going to be appropriate for sending
> faxes.  Besides, if you need low bitrates for your IP connection,
> you're likely to experience delays in the fax negotiation -- which
> will probably result in a failed fax attempt.  If you want to be able
> to send faxes in this way, then negotiate the fax at one end, and
> email the resulting TIFF to the other end.

Or maybe a separate channel for FAX..


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