[Asterisk-Users] John Brown from Chagres!

marrandy marrandy at chaossolutions.org
Fri Dec 12 13:11:54 MST 2003

On Friday 12 December 2003 02:47 pm, rnc Info Lists wrote:
> > it's a firmware problem on GS, they are working on that but it seems its
> > not that simple to make volume higher on the speaker and echo go away,
> > anyway 4.26 seems stable for now and with many new features!
> >
> Miguel,
> What are the new Features?
> Robert

How do you get newer versions ???

They are still saying that ver is the lastest version on their web 
site   http://www.grandstream.com/y-service.htm

The seven year itch comes from fooling around during the fourth, fifth,
and sixth years.

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