[Asterisk-Users] estara softphone problem

Bisker, Scott (7805) sbisker at harvardgrp.com
Fri Dec 12 12:48:31 MST 2003

In sip.conf do you have 


for your softphone?

If not you'll only be able to send or receive calls depending on the option you selected.

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Hi all, I installed the estara softphone and had no
problem registering it with asterisk. I could make
calls to other hardware SIP phones (Cisco 7960) from
the softphone, but I couldn't call the softphone from
the Cisco 7960s. The asterisk console gave me an error
message saying "unable to create channel" to my
softphone. What could be the problem? I searched the
archive with no luck.

When you reply, please copy to hao_zhong at yahoo.com,
really appreciate it!

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