[Asterisk-Users] FAX, IAX and *....Maybe I'm dreaming...:-)

Jorge Mendoza mendoza at tcc.com.pe
Fri Dec 12 12:34:49 MST 2003

Florian Overkamp wrote:

>Citeren Steve Kann <stevek at stevek.com>:
>>It would be great if the IAX protocol will be able to tranfer fax data 
>>converted in another format) between Asterisk boxes, using low bandwidth
>>codecs like GSM.
>>I know that this is possible only with the G.711 now (passing faxes 
>>the audio stream), but.... maybe in the future...some native support 
>>permit this.
>This would mean implementing some basic store and forward routines, which 
>would be great for fax relaying over slow/unreliable links. Ofcourse this can 
>be taken out of asterisk and routed via e-mail for instance. A simple procmail 
>rule on the receiving end could enable sending it off to the local 
Yes, I think that it can be done with two Hylafax boxes. At the far end 
one Hylafax box receive the fax, send the image file by e-mail  to the 
local Hylafax box which in turn send the image file to the fax machine 
number indicated in the e-mail address body. The local Hylafax works 
with sendmail with a patch already done for Hylafax.


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