[Asterisk-Users] Dialing area question

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Thu Dec 11 22:30:34 MST 2003

You have to get the local calling information from the carrier that the
lines go through. We have 6 local T1s in our office and they are in 3
different groups of local calling zones(what is a local call on one T1 can
be a intra-state long distance[expensive per minute!] call in another T1)
It's all a real pain in the ass actually. We are in the process of switching
all 6 of our T1's and their local numbers to the one with the nice wide
local calling area, but this too is a pain, should be done some time next

I would recommend getting a local calling LATA table from you carriers in
all locations that you want to use for local calling. Also keep in mind that
most carriers update these tables every month, so make sure they send you
the updates.

Hope that helps,


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I am wanting to perform toll bypass using multiple gateways for outgoing
For example, if I call from location A to location B and I have a gateway in
location B I obviously want to use location B's gateway to make it a
local call.
I understand how to get the local prefixes from NANPA but my question is:
If there are additional numbers that are local (non-toll) calls from a
calling area, how do I discover them.  Many adjacent calling areas are
via 7-digit dialing but you get usage sensitive charges which are
I just want to easily figure out which ones are free for an area without
through a huge search.  Anyone know how this works?  This has got to be
stored somewhere.

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