[Asterisk-Users] Dial / Ring multiple sip channels

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I have like that:

exten =>

and all the phones ring on the same time.

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I know I can dial multiple channels in sequence

exten => 101,1,Dial(SIP/101,10)
exten => 101,2,Dial(SIP/102,10)
extne => 101,3,Dial(Zap/1/5551212)

What the boss would really like is to be able to ring 2 lines 

exten => 101,Dial(Sip/101,10) && Dial(Sip/102,10)

so that both extensions ring at the same time... mostly so that he can 
have the remote phone at his house ring at the same time as his office 
phone is someone dials his extension or direct line. 

Is this possible with *, and what would the dialplan look like?  I've 
been googling for about 30 minutes now and haven't seen an example config
in the list.

Would setting up a queue for the extension I want to multi-ring, and 
having the 2 phones be permanent members be a better soloution?


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