[Asterisk-Users] Computing horsepower needed

James Schenck asterisk at egraphdesign.com
Thu Dec 11 05:52:59 MST 2003

I new to * but getting a grip on it (I hope)
On computer hardware that's a far different story I have been in the
computer business since 1984 I have built, sold and serviced a lot of PC's
in that time and think I am qualified to give hardware advice.

I have built three * boxes

PIII 1000
512MB ram
RH-9 minimum install plus what is required

AMD K6 2 550
RH-9 minimum install plus what is required

PII 233
Trustix minimum install plus what is required

They all work well in my home office box 3 is about 35 miles away in another
office so I can call there for free (could not get mgcp gateways to work
thru double Nat)
I am sure as the load increases you would have to up the hardware like any
other server but from what I can see so far in a test environment if it will
install in will work

About two years ago I built a web server trustix, apache P 233 256 MB 20GB
it handled over 1,000,000 hits a day for over a week and is still running

General hardware advice
Stay away from AMD (I know this will piss off a few people)
The AMD processors are ok but who makes a good mother board? 
Every new system I sell I warranty for one year onsite so it has to work
well or I loose money
I have found the following to be most reliable

Intel processors
Intel mother boards
IBM now Hitachi

If you want to save a few bucks go and get yourself an AMD it may work fine
but you may have weird problems I just can't afford to shot the dice on
systems I sell and support

On Linux 
I prefer Trustix because it cuts the fluff plus it has swup which keeps your
system updated I am not sure at this point how it works with * hardware I
will let you know by the first part of next week
I don't install X on anything if you can't use the command line learn or
stay with Windows
I don't use monitors keyboards or mice either servers don't need these
Get yourself 
secure CRT http://www.vandyke.com/products/securecrt/
win scp http://winscp.sourceforge.net/eng/

James Schenck
Egraph Design Inc.
Arkansas Online Internet Services
(870) 857-3287
IAXTEL (700) 857-3287
jims at egraphdesign.com

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> > > In a test system I can take out half the RAM, slow the CPU clock 
> > > or run the CPU without  the cooling fan and just measure what 
> > > happens.  Yes, stupid do do those things in a system people are 
> > > depending on.
> >
> > Agreed 100%.  If you want to conduct experiments you do so by
> > them, not asking what the minimums are.
> >
> > I dunno, I am kind of in the same boat as Steven on this...  if
> gonna
> > experiment then experiment.  Don't decide to get into * and the
> thing
> > out of your mouth is what's the bare minimum processor+ram you can
> to
> > make it work...  buy something moderately new (P3, 128M, IDE disk)
-- it
> > ain't gonna break the bank, it's gonna be easier to find and likely
> far
> > more reliable than that P90 you have in the back room that's been
> gathering
> > dust for the past 5 years.
> But... if you place yourself in the position of the newbie, where else 
> could you ask given the "documentation" that truly doesn't exist 
> (yet).
> Mark made the comment about a month ago that "asterisk is this best
> secret" in the world. The flip side of that is jumping on every newbie 
> that comes along and pissing them off enough to leave the list (and
> app). For those that have been around here for more then 30 days, you 
> already know that's the nature of this list. If you don't like the 
> questions, delete it and stop cluttering the list.

I really have to agree with Rich. I am a newbie. I have been reading the
lists and watching the IRC and doing what I can to learn. 

The general feel that I get is a feeling of intolerance for people trying to
learn and understand. Is it intentional? Do the people in the know not want
anyone else to be part of a great app? Just wondering.
Please try to have some consideration for everyone and follow Rich's
suggestion, " If you don't like the questions, delete it and stop cluttering
the list."

I will continue to and use and learn because I think it is a great app. 

Just my observations.

Dustin Knuttgen

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