[Asterisk-Users] GrandStream Budgetone * Error

robert ivanc Robert at netsec.si
Wed Dec 10 04:58:18 MST 2003

Try changing the order of preferred codecs on budgetone, I've had the 
same problems and that fixed it for me.
i have pcma,pcmu,g723,g729 and it works ok.


John Breeden wrote:

>Just started putting my first * together with a tdm400p and x100p.
>Analog phones, xlite and diax I've got working.
>Just got Grandstream budgetone-100.
>The budgetone registers with * just fine. * accepts the dtmf and dials the
>number. The remote phone rings. From there things go south.
>The CLI reports this:
>    -- Executing StripMSD("SIP/jrb-683a", "1") in new stack
>    -- Executing Dial("SIP/jrb-683a", "Zap/1/9384074") in new stack
>    -- Called 1/9384074
>    -- Zap/1-1 answered SIP/jrb-683a
>WARNING[98311]: File chan_sip.c, Line 464 (retrans_pkt): Maximum retries
>exceeded on call 0a41f123-9adc-986b-36c1-109827404ede at for
>seqno 52852 (Response)
>    -- Hungup 'Zap/1-1'
>    == Spawn extension (home, 9384074, 2) exited non-zero on 'SIP/jrb-683a'
>The budgetone is using a fixed ip, dtmf signaling, firmware version is
>My sip.conf for the budgetone is:
>I can't find a solution to in the archives and I've looked at all the
>documentation I can find setting up the budgetone on *.
>Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanx in advance.
>John Breeden
>Plum Hall, Inc.
>Kamuela Hawaii
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