[Asterisk-Users] BT launches consumer VoIP product ...

Senad Jordanovic senad at boltblue.com
Tue Dec 9 12:10:42 MST 2003

Steven Critchfield wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-12-09 at 12:28, Senad Jordanovic wrote:
>>> Why would you need one of those?  Those are designed for plugging a
>> voip line into a POTS >line or such so that you can dial a number, 
>> hit the converter, and pass your call out the >VoIP line.  All you 
>> need to do is plug the ata186 into your X100P. No extra > 
>> hardwarerequired. -Pat
>> --------------------------------------------------------------
>> Sorry, quotes in Outlook not working for some reason today...
>> (usually it does with the help of
>> http://home.in.tum.de/~jain/software/outlook-quotefix/ ... ) 
>> Anyway...
>> My understanding is that X100P cable will only plug into an FXO port 
>> NOT FXS. Please correct me if I am wrong!!! Anyone else can confirm 
>> this so we clear this up?
> A X100P is just like a telephone or modem, it is an FXO device. The 
> ATA186 is a FXS device. FXO devices plug into FXS devices.

Thanks Steven, ... Now, It is much clearer to me! :)

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