[Asterisk-Users] TDM400P Vtech phone compatibility

TC trclark at shaw.ca
Tue Dec 9 11:44:11 MST 2003

> I'm using asterisk with some vetch cordless phones connected via a digium
> TDM400P and I'm getting some weird behavior.
> When dialing certain digits (7s and 4s mostly) asterisks detects a single
> key press as multiple digits.  For example if I dial 477-4123 asterisks
> thinks I dialed 447-7774
> This makes it impossible to dial out using these vetch phones.  I have not
> had any problems with other phones that I have tried and the vetch phones
> work correctly when connected directly to the phone company.
> Before I go out and buy new phones I though I would ask here incase there
> a solution.
I had the same issue with a vtech JUNK

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