[Asterisk-Users] BT launches consumer VoIP product ...

Tom Walsh slim at ala.net
Tue Dec 9 10:07:37 MST 2003

> Not quite - I want to use SIP directly from * - I don't need a locked 
> ATA186 as a paperweight ;-)   That is, assuming BT locks the 
> config as 
> Vonage does.
>   Iain

Vonage isn't sending out ATA-186s anymore, or at least a friend of mine
that signed up this past week for Vonage didn't get one... Instead he
got a similar device... A Motorola VT1000V(?)... I think the move is
mainly for cost reasons... But perhaps also due to the fact that the
ATA-186 second analog port was mearly for show as the device wasn't
powerful enough to operate both ports at the same time.

I wonder if these are locked? Or even better... Can they be flashed for
IAX? Hmmm... The mind boggles...

Tom Walsh

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