[Asterisk-Users] (no subject)

Kita B. Ndara kitandara at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Dec 8 22:01:18 MST 2003


 Our firm has developed two applications that I
thought might be of interest to members of this list
as both run over Asterisk:
The first is a calling card application that covers
needs in that area: scratch number generation, call 
termination via least-cost route (i.e. multiple
termination providers), etc.  We have tested this with
voicepulse as our termination provider and it works

 The second is a call centre system: Call queueing,
distribution, real-time reporting, statistics.

Backend database is PostgreSQL (with pgcrypto module)
for both applications, and in keeping with the
Asterisk spirit, call origin/destination is h/w and
software independent.

 If anybody is interested in these, please contact me
off-list and I'll be happy to discuss these with you.



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