[Asterisk-Users] Problems with voicepulse.com

Ernest W. Lessenger ernest at oacys.com
Mon Dec 8 15:06:34 MST 2003

At 01:32 PM 12/8/2003, you wrote:
>I have been experimenting with Asterisk for a few weeks and finally 
>decided to
>take the plunge and purchase a few DIDs for inbound calling. Our attempts at
>IAX/IAX2 connectivity with VoicePulse have been less than successful. We get
>"Registration Refused" errors from Asterisk whenever we launch the server. 
>front-line support folks at VoicePulse suggested that we are trying to use 
>IAX instead
>of IAX2 as the protocol. I have pasted the exact error message (with 
>account info deleted)
>and their recommended configuration files below.
>Any and all assistance would be GREATLY appreciated.

Stupid question: How long did you wait before calling support? We got 
Registration Refused messages for about two hours after we created our 
account, but everything's been fine since. You might check with them to 
make sure your account was created properly.


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