[Asterisk-Users] DIAX 0.9.6 now available- some fixes included

Dan dtoma at fx.ro
Mon Dec 8 11:04:35 MST 2003


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> --- "Andrew Thompson" <asteriskuser at aktzero.com> wrote:
> >DIAX 0.9.6 gave me a little trouble tonight on WinME. (My >wife's
.laptop, I
> >don't use ME, honest!) I'll have to fiddle with it some more to get a
> >of exactly what's up, but this is what I remember:
> >
> >It started up in what I think was German. I went to what I guessed to >be
> >language and chose English. The action completed, but the language
> >change. I tried picking a few different languages from the list, then
> >Ctrl E, and Ctrl S (for English, and Spanish). Somewhere in my trying >to
> >read the menus it crashed.
> >
> >It crashed on me once more before I gave up on trying to change the
> >language.
> >
> >I walked through the menus and set up the username/password and dialed
> >my asterisk. I got into meetme, so it appears to be functioning, just
> >in another country...
> I also have the German language problem with 0.9.6 on Win98.  It doesn't
seem to crash on me though but it won't register.  I even manually set
language=2 in diax.cfg but it still started in German.  In Diax, I changed
to English but it still stayed in German.

It seems to be a problem in the way Win9x/ME handle the locales.
I work on it and I hope to be solved in 0.9.7.
In the meantime I will post on my site a 0.9.6b English only version.

Thank you for your understanding,

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