[Asterisk-Users] Prefix the * character

Nicolas Bougues nbougues-listes at axialys.net
Mon Dec 8 08:15:31 MST 2003

On Mon, Dec 08, 2003 at 08:58:07AM -0600, Barton Hodges wrote:
> The lines in a context get reordered.  If you want to force the order
> of those lines, put the exten lines in separate contexts and "include"
> them... something like this:
> [some-context]
> include => prefix
> include => my_local_e164_extension
> [prefix]
> exten => _XXXX,1,Prefix(3312345)
> I don't know if that will solve your problem, but it is something to
> consider.

My problem is that the exten lines in "my_local_e164_extension" still
have to start at 2, since "prefix" used the 1 position, and that's
what I'd like to avoid by using "s".

To do that, I put "immediate=yes" on my PRI in zapata.conf, but
unfortunatly the Prefix command will use "s" as the extension, and
generate a new extension like 3316918s, which is not really nice.

Is there any way ta manipulate ${EXTEN} as a variable, rather that
wich the Prefix function ? If so, I haven't found out.

Nicolas Bougues
Axialys Interactive

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