[Asterisk-Users] DIAX to DIAX call and disconnecting after 50-60 sec.

Andrew Thompson asteriskuser at aktzero.com
Mon Dec 8 06:30:07 MST 2003

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Subject: [Asterisk-Users] DIAX to DIAX call and disconnecting after 50-60

> Hi,
> There is any other user of DIAX with this problem?
> Thanks,
> Dan

Yes, my calls that are DIAX to asterisk to DIAX disconnect after about a
minute. These are Extension to Extension calls.

HOWEVER, I tested with the IAXComm/IAXClient and had the same results. So, I
don't believe it's in your app, I think it's something in the library.

Dan, Can you enable some kind of debugging log/text file dump? I saw a brief
try at an error message in the iaxclient...

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