[Asterisk-Users] Project Critique

Cameron Jacobson cameron at tripdubdev.com
Sat Dec 6 16:55:30 MST 2003

I have just started laying out the plans for my first project using 
Asterisk.  I am very interested at this stage in getting much needed 
feedback, critiquing my approach.  What are the ups and downs going to 
be if I develop this project as follows:

-The client wants to connect some phone reps in India through a VoIP 
to their clients.  
-There will be 3 phone lines, and 1 broadband internet connection.
-Since there will be very little bandwidth requirements (unless they 
scale), I figure just let the workers in India make and receive calls 
using NetMeeting, or GnomeMeeting, or some other H323, or SIP 
compatible client, directly connecting to the Asterisk box in the U.S.
-These clients will connect, via the internet, to an Asterisk box in 
their office in the U.S.  That box (regardless if it uses Digium or 
Quicknet) will negotiate all 3 phone connections with their respective 
H323 or SIP connections.

Another question is:  If the workers are in an office-space, and in 
order to prevent the need for an additional asterisk PBX in India, is 
it easy to run each of the workers' connections on separate ports?  
(ie. port 5060 for phone # 555-1212, port 5061 for 555-1213, and port 
5062 for 555-1214 ?  This way each NetMeeting, or GnomeMeeting 
connection coming from India can simply run behind a NAT router, 
instead of setting up a separate Asterisk PBX.

Thank you for your help.

Cameron Jacobson

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