[Asterisk-Users] asterisk codec sizes, data plus overhead

Philipp von Klitzing klitzing at pool.informatik.rwth-aachen.de
Fri Dec 5 19:11:21 MST 2003


> I have been searching the archives for a simple, clear listing of the 
> available codecs with total size, plus the data and overhead sizes.
> Does anyone have this handy, and can it be added somewhere, even the wiki.

Taken from older postings on this list

VoIP Bandwidth calculator

Depends on the phone.. If you are using a Grand Stream then the best you 
will get is G.711 (+- 85Kb/s including overheads)..  

If you are using Snom's or X-Lite/X-Pro you have the option to use the 
GSM (+- 34Kb/s including overheads) codec..  

X-Lite/X-Pro also support iLBC (+- 28Kb/s including overheads) although 
it does not currently work with Asterisk, and GrandStream have said they 
are going to support it as well soon..  

All the phones have support for G.729 (+- 22Kb/s) either as standard or 
by buying a sepertate licence.. Including Asterisk.  

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